mat saleh ckp melayu..;p

4:29 AM

mawar khayalan..

3:23 AM

3:38 PM

I'm a happy girl in a happy world!!:)

5:56 PM

saya telah menjadi gila. am I?

3:20 AM

I love you big brother.

7:42 AM

Raya! raya! raya!

4:13 AM

happy anniversary mum and dad!!

6:25 PM

silly me!

3:04 PM

clumsy me, and other stories.haha

7:58 PM

second semester in Uitm di hatiku!

6:48 PM

Mixed feelings

9:17 PM

everything's alright.

10:21 PM

break up season

6:59 PM

silent scream.

10:22 PM


10:42 PM

beautiful lyrics!

11:18 PM

living in my own little world

10:34 PM

KLIA parking coin!

10:29 PM

A boring holiday!

10:40 PM

It's because of u nescafe! All because of u!

5:11 AM

hello ramadhan!

10:47 PM

im stressed out people so shut ur freaking big mouth!!

4:57 AM

kuantan oh kuantan..

9:00 PM

confession of a cat hater

7:44 PM

7 things.

5:36 AM

my everyday routine!

8:46 AM

A special message wimc

1:15 AM

i got emotional reading a book!

7:07 AM

A story to tell.

8:25 PM


12:57 AM

My revolutionary road.

8:59 PM

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