Oh hello its 2015!!

1:05 AM

It felt like a long time ago since I last blogged, writing thoughts, ideas and stories. Years passed and hey life has changed in a blink of an eye. Life has pretty much changed a lot for me. Huge and remarkable changes. My family grew a lot bigger. Close friends and families are getting married creating their own happy endings. I was happy. I am happy. I am happy that things are going smoothly although we do have our rocky shaky moments (because not everything is smooth sailing) but to me I am grateful of what I had, of what my family had. My family grew when my brother got married adding one more sister in my life. Instead of 2 I have 3 now and I feel blessed.

Since its 2015 now which means that I also have completed my 5 ½ years of hardwork torture stress exceptionally a joyful ride of law school. I completed law school. Except that now I have to complete my 9 months of pupillage first. I didn’t get the chance to write about my LLB journey through out that one year. Well,  I didn’t update anything during my BLS years too. I don’t know why I didn’t but maybe because I wasn’t inspired to write. I was too busy caught up with hectic schedules and deadlines. And so I lost interest in writing and reading but I havent lost interest in eating. Lol. Yes. I’ve gained weight like nobody’s business. At first I thought it was okay until I realized I lost my skinny long legs and that I could no longer fit into my pants and tops anymore. I grew from size S to M and sometimes L.

Why am I writing all this now? I am wondering the same thing as well. Maybe because it just hit me that I need something to remember. I need to keep writing things to not let myself forget about life. To cherish life regardless of how bad it will become. Something that maybe I could reminisce in future. Well hey, people come and go in life, my life significantly. Time will never stop and wait for us but it keeps on ticking as long as it can tick. By then we will soon realized we are not at where we are now. Go with the flow is always the motto I guess. I’ll be starting my chambering next week and I am hoping the best and pray that everything will be okay. Good luck to my dear self!

Here are some pictures of my 2014 and 2015,

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