living in my own little world

10:34 PM

in my own little world i was seen in a very different way. outside, i have to be NURUL NABILA BT HASNI. but at home, i am BIELA! A girl who loves to put her pyjamas on. A girl who loves to have fun at home doing her own little stuff. watching tv, lazying around the house. i dun understand why people looked so weird when i wore my pyjamas pants to seven e. what the hell is so wrong abt that right?huh..although i feel very bored at home but home has always been the best place for me to play dumb and be the pain in the ass. At home i am totally different from what u see me outside. i cant tell what makes me different but i dunno. outsiders thought that i was matured. matured? a gown up?haha.maybe my looks tells it all. but naahh..thats all crap! i cant even be angry to someone. i mean yes i can but i cnt like tell him/her if im mad at her. i cant tell em straight to the face that im angry. i end up telling my closest friend and thats it, i let go.haish!somebody teach me!i want to be emo sometimes!hahaa..which i know i cnt. i can be a dumb ass sometimes at home.haha. i was so mengade with everyone. me! friends who knew me will know my true colours. haha.So, what do u think?matured?haha.

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