10:42 PM

Today, i dunno why i have the feeling of getting very pissed. i just cant seem to say it throw all the words that i wanted to say that has been crawling in my heart. it just cant hold up anymore! Ya Allah!help me..give me strength to tell this particular person to make him realise what i wanted to say because i love him. I wanted him to believe that he could do anything. i wanted to let him know that life is not easy as it looks. life is hard. you have to struggle to have what u want in life. I have this awful feeling that i am the cause of him not concerntrating towards his study. I think im a dstraction. what should i do? i love him but i wanted him to study n let him know that there's more to life. do not give up in life. should i back off? i dont know!i really dont know!

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