mat saleh ckp melayu..;p

4:29 AM

mat salleh ckp melayu! serious xtipu! haha. It happened during my first semester in Kuantan. I don't really remember when but it was monthhss ago...haha;p I dont know how and why I feel like bringing this thing up but it so happen that I remembered it while taking my shower this evening. And like always I laughed. Gosh! It must have been sound so weird that I laughed alone in the bathroom.;p Anyway, the story goes like this...

It was in East Coast Mall (ECM) thats what they call em. The clock shows around 6. I was with Ash. we decided to took a cab since ash looked tired to walk back home. And so we walked to the taxi counter and suprisingly there's no one there. no taxi and so does all the taxi drivers. And we waited. Until it came. While waiting, there's this couple..tall blonde guy and a tall brunette girl. So obviously la kan dorg mat salleh..haha;p We were guessing that they were waiting for a cab too. They stand like a few inches away from us from the side. They smiled and we smiled back. tibe2, 'biela, jgn lah mat salleh ni ambik taxi kite, ash da letih ni. lgpun we got here first.' And i said ' haa..tau xpe..xpelah..we'll see how.' tunggu punye tunggu the taxi never showed up. Quite frustrating! haaiihh..suddenly the couple were walking towards us. 'sudah lame tunggu ke?' That freaking word just came out from that brunette. Shit! I was terribly ashamed of myself! Shame on me! hahaha.;p I answered 'oh, yeah. da lame jgk tunggu.' while they were talking to each other I gave a very very very big smile to Ash. The same reaction was given to me by Ash. It was very memalukan that they actually cn understand everything that we said. But seriously we have no idea if they heard us. Due to our humiliation, we decided to just walk back to our campus..hahahaha..lesson of the day jgn lah berjoyah psl org even org itu mat salleh!;p btw for those who still not familiar with my terms..
berjoyah = bergossip
mat salleh = org putih..

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