Our 2nd Anniversary :)

4:12 AM

The very last breath of the hero of our tale
would you only to guess
did he truly prevail in the sequel?
I' guess I'll have to write a sequel

My favourite partis when I die
in your arms like a movie,
Its tragic, but now the story has its proper end

Oh hello,
Will you be mine?
I haven't felt this alive in a long time
all the streets are warm and grey

I read the signs
I haven't been this in love in a long time
the sun is up the sun will stay
all for the new day

Will you be mine?
the days are short and I wrote me my last rhyme
All the streets are warm today
I read the signs
I haven't been in this love in a long time

This song is so sweet reminds me of you :)
'Oh hello' was your first text :)
Happy 2nd Anniversary Syafiq Khairil :)
731 days seems such a long time,
But time passed and I'm blessed :')
It has been 2 years and still counting.
May God bless us both.
I love you :)

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