500 Days of Summer

9:43 AM

Hello everybody! Don't say anything. I know it's been a while that I'm gone, away from this cyber life (statement paling pentipu di dunia. hehe) *sorry honeyh. Yeah well. I have something to shout here. IT’S MY 500 DAYS OF SUMMER WITH SAPIK KHAIRIL! OKAY OKAY IT'S SYAFIQ KHAIRIL! WHOOO! Who cares, really? Never mind. I know I’m lame just keep your thoughts to yourselves okay? If you like then it's good and if you don't it's fine. I'm okay with it. But you know, somehow I get what you mean, who count days for their relationship these days? People are getting busy with their lives but I did the counting. And hard to say I’m proud of it! Heh! You see I’m not great dealing with numbers. You know this juggle2 playing with numbers here I’m not really good at it. Not that bad Cuma lembab sikit je lah. Slow slow tau? Okay ignore that, anyways I did the counting for like 5 times to get the date and month right and God knows how hard it was* lembab kan, finally today was our 500 days together! Isn’t that awesome? I’ve been counting since 4 weeks ago which was last month! Semangated gila! I don’t know why it’s just that I love doing all this small2 little things. Later on when you’re 30 or 40 you won’t get to do all this. You don’t have the time to count days except for anniversaries. If that one Syafiq Khairil Lupa, ‘SOMEBODY’S GONNA GET HURT REAL BAD’. Thanks Russell. Heh!

About this Syafiq Khairil guy, I bet you known him or probably heard about him or maybe met him but let me tell you one thing, I never thought that I would end up with him. Really. I’m serious. The first time I thought he was cool (if only he reads this, he will -_-‘), funny but impossible for me to be with. I mean like come on, out of any girls in the world he wouldn’t pick me. I live in a small town in Ipoh. I’m not famous. I’m lame. Not cool. I’m not pretty. I talk a lot. Blur. So it’s just impossible for us to be together and even worse for him to even like me! To me at that time that would only be dreams that will be gone with the wind. Hehe. This is facts okay? I’m talking facts here people! Okay so it was like that. We have mutual friends. We keep in touch through social network. How we met and get to know each other let that one be a secret. But that’s how it goes. We got to know each other better and I’m like ‘Hey, he’s not that bad after all’. He’s humble down to earth kinda guy, understanding, respects the elderly, funny, he’s fun to be with and the best part is that he’s a good listener! Although at times we may not be at the same track you know when he likes different things and I hate those things that he likes. Sometimes it’s like that. For example, I gave him a song for him to listen to and his comment was ‘lagu apa ni? Macam lagu tidur je’. Another thing is when he recommend a song when sometimes the lagu is lagu yang mendayu2 lemahnya. Memang lemah la jantung ni nak dengar. I’m sorry this is not poyo or apa, but I don’t know why when I hear to sofaz kea pa ke meremang bulu roma seluruh badan. I’m sorry but I just can’t listen to songs like that! Goosebumps! I’m not lying! Lagu melayu okay je, but just don't give me lagu yang menderita2 and too jiwang sangat. I listened to Anuar Zain, M Nasir, Siti Nurhaliza, Ramli Sarip, Nora, and more semua okay je but not sofaz or sixth sense. you maybe like them but I don't. Sorry. heh! YEAH but that’s what people say OPPOSITE ATTRACTS! What he likes is what he likes kan? Still never love him less! :)

Okay I talked a lot of crap up there. It’s just me I like to go out of track. Terpesong daripada topic utama. Whatever. Okay now lets get back to my thank you speech! Hear me out ye Syafiq Khairil. Hehe. First and foremost, it has been 500 days of summer and I could not ask for more better days because all you ever gave me was always the best thing that I could have ever asked for.

You fed me with all the love, spirit, courage, inspiration and be the best guidance that leads me to this long journey of mine. Without you, I guess I would still be cold by now. Thanks for soften me up a bit. You know stuff like correct me when I’m wrong, when I'm too harsh or anything, just thank you okay? I want you to keep on doing that. This 500 days has been the best the most superb, awesomEST(don't google this) and wonderfulEST(and this too) days of my life and I’m hoping for more hundreds and thousands of days to come. And I’ll make sure that I fill those days with laughter, tears, happiness and joy. InsyaAllah. two big words for you, THANK YOU!



Oh yeah why is it summer? Sebab that cerita 500 days of summer, I like that movie. Secondly its because Malaysia kan summer all day long, but you know we have some rainy days as well. Okay bye :D

I love you Syafiq Khairil :)

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