12:54 AM

NURUL NABILA BT HASNI! ASK YOURSELF! WHY ARE U HERE? SO JGN NK MENGADE HOMESICK2! but i am..homesick sgt..mak..abah..i miss u guys!!;( I am in a middle of a mess but i still maintain to be calm and play cool..I was hit by a lot of assignments! this week is a disaster! tomorrow is my law test! My god!! Give me a break! but still i could laughed with my friends just to forget all the misery feelings i feel! Well thats what they always said laughter is the best medicine!;) I wanna go home! I wanna sleep on my bed! i wanna see everyone at home! but i cant! my work here is not done! biela! no pressure! no pressure! chill lah,i still have a lot more days to finish up my lah but then here i am! tulis blog! haaaa..xpe2!!relieve stress..breathe in..breathe out!fuuhh!! anyway, congratulations for those who scored band 4,5,6, 10 or whatever for muet..haha;p I LOVE EVERYBODY! spread the love!!;) p/s: this is what happen to me when i feel stress, hyper and restless! just dont bother!haha;D

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