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Look at my title, all in one! hahaha;p basically im going to write what happen during my trip to perak and at home! Last week i went to perak, UTP in details for a library trip! My first impression about the trip YEAAAYY!! As soon as i reached there..naahh..no no..dont get me wrong. Its not about the trip. Its about the place we stayed. Its old, creepy and scary! wait2! let me finished about the library trip first. We went to UTP for the very first time i dont know about anyone else but this is my first time going to utp although dah sejuta kali lalu dpn utp..;p its a very very huge place i can say. The library is HUGE! If only i studied there i would be like so semangat nk belajar! hahaha;D overall its okay..meeting this one foreigner saying 'terima kasih', wow..im impressed! Its undeniable the first time we saw the library our jaw almost dropped! Almost! it didn't drop just yet. Hahaha! Overall, it was okay. this is the best part! About the place we're staying. like i said its old, creepy and scary. Imagine the house is an old house, a very old villa to be precise and the first time u walk in you saw a cat. Scary! i had a very bad feeling about the house and of course im always right. there is something wrong about the house! It has that 'thing' in the house. i dont want to say much bu then i did not sleep well the whole night. I listen to my mp4 and make sure that i stay in touch, physically contact with my friend becka. It was funny though! hhahaha! the next day upsi best like usual..visit library and the best part is PAU! the best pau i have ever taste in my whole life. bayangkan kpg sendiri kt tanjung malim xprnh rase??shame on me!shame on me!;p i'll make sure i'll see you again pau if i ever visit tanjung malim again!;) I was quite down during the first day because i cant meet my parents. Its not a big deal but its like you were so close but then you dont have the chance to meet them. But its okay! i already met them this week! and im happy..ngeee=D Speaking about sogo pulak, this seriously pissed me off. I was sleeping like a baby and when immediately u guys force us to go sogo, i mean like wth? turun dgn mamai2 pkai baju kurung. seriously i dont know how to describe myself anymore! im a messed that time! hahaha..i had fun though! with all the things i went through with the creepy house and wat not it was fun!;) cny balik ipoh yeaayy!!this is the day im looking for! it finally came! mmg bersinar2lah muke ni kan!hahaha;p smpai2 i met my dear abah of course and balik rumah jumpe the rest of my family and also cupak, naim's friend! At first i saw my bro, his hand were shaking and i got scared! apehal pulak tgn die shaking nih..and so i asked..whats wrong with ur hand? i got pranked!! BAD NAIM!! so sabar2..im glad by the way! he's doin fine! kaki die dah byk bergerak and he mandi for the very first time..shivering! tu lah tnjuk terror suh letak air sejuk byk2..hahaha;D i enjoyed watching raja lawak with you naim..;) naim..naim..sgt berdrama my bro ni..Drama king!;p moving on to sad confession by everyone at home, they said my butt is big!! and its proven when i went to buy my baju kurung siap! i like that baju kurung very much! and i try it on, the baju fits perfectly but the kain..TEETTTT! disappointment!;( nasib boleh tukar dgn size lain! org tu salah jahit i just know it! positive2!;p n now everyone teased me of having big butt! its a lie tau everyone!;p anyway i had fun in ipoh i ate 2 bungkus of nasi vanggey! satisfaction! enjoy laughing with my family..;) im so sorry to say this but my fingers said that he is tired to type anymore. so im goin to just back off. just wait for me to post another one! (what a lame ending post!) xoxo!

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