Beautiful things happen to every beautiful things you do

9:32 PM

How I rule my life is simple.

1) Never forget who are you and why you exist in this world. Its because of Allah s.w.t. Praise to the Lord.
2) Respect your parents and not just them but to other people especially senior citizens.
3) Be nice to people regardless who they are.
4) Don't be too judgemental to others as you wouldn't know how people judge you.
5) Be grateful because life shall not be wasted with harsh complains.
6) Be positive. Its okay to fall sometimes because it teaches you how to get back on your feet.
7) Be open minded listen to people's opinion and views. Whatever you think of people's views is your very own personal judgement. Have your stand but respect others judgement too.
8) Enjoy life and be consistent not to forget important things which leads to your future.
9) Pure intentions reflects on your personality.
10) Always believe karma speaks on its own.
11) Don't create dramas and don't entertain them if its not necessary. Waste of time.
12) Take stress as a positive obstacle for you to succeed.
13) Have a lover treat him as your partner and your best friend. Mutual understanding is the key. Never ever pressure or leave burden on your partner's shoulder. Relationship is a responsibility. Be wise.
14) Achieve what you want and don't ever stop or give up.
15) Always remember beautiful things will happen to every beautiful things you do in life.

These are mainly important things that I always keep in mind. Glad to share :)

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